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Resource Conservation Activities

Resource Conservation Activities

The environmental problems facing our world cannot be tackled and solved individually by a person, enterprise or state. We need to recognize the global environmental problems we are facing, with a view to working together to minimize and eliminate them for the future of the world. These issues can only be tracked and solved throughout the world.

For a better future we must all work together to continuously solve environmental problems while sustaining development.

The Activities in Ricoh Electronics

In May 1997, the ISO 14001 Core Group was formed in Office Machine Group. This team of 17 people represented four sites as well as supporting services. It became their challenge to implement and refine the EMS. By their efforts and with the support of their business groups, the environmental management system was integrated into each areas daily activities. On February 2, 1998 it was confirmed that all OMG sites were officially certified to ISO 14001-1996.

Ricoh Electronics manufactures its products successfully through fostering sound relationships with our suppliers. For this reason we believe that our environmental burden rests not only with our environmental activities but also through developing and producing a product that has a minimal environmental impact on our world by increased focus on the total life cycle of the product. From raw material acquisition, developing more energy efficient processes, better use of distribution networks, recycling of our product and total waste management systems we can all contribute to a brighter future.

Therefore, as we move into the 21st Century we are looking to forge new partnerships with our suppliers in which the reduction of environmental burden and the avoidance of environmental risks will be carried out as common tasks of our business life.

Chart - Basis and Range of Environmental Conservation Activities (PDF 2,492k)

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