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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

At RICOH Electronics, Inc., we believe environmental protection is an important part of our operations. We shall continually work to develop and implement environmental protection activities that will lead to prevention of pollution and more efficient use of our natural resources. Additionally we will meet or exceed applicable environmental laws and regulations, as well as other established requirements.

Environmental Management System

To make this policy a reality, Ricoh Electronics, Inc. has developed and implemented an environmental management system that:


- Evaluates our operations and sets objectives and targets for prevention of pollution, waste reduction, and energy conservation;

- Reviews environmental performance against objectives and targets;

- Monitors developments in environmental laws and regulations;

- Develops procedures for complying with legal regulations;

- Combines environmental management procedures and planning into the development of new procedures and operations;

- Provides training to ensure full implementation and maintenance of all documented environmental policies and procedures;

- Evaluates the effectiveness of the environmental management system to promote continual improvements;

- Provides methods for communicating the environmental policy to interested parties (internal and external including those working for or on behalf of Ricoh Electronics, Inc.).

- Encourages the use of an environmental management system by our suppliers and contractors.

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